Episode 10

How to succeed with B2B CX

Welcome to the ECXO podcast, hosted by Christopher Brooks, Managing Director of Lexden. In this series, we dive into customer and employee experience management, uncovering trends, strategies, and success stories from industry leaders. In this episode, we’re excited to feature Irina Mostovaya: How to Succeed With B2B CX.

Irina Mostovaya – How to succeed with B2B CX

Irina is a seasoned expert with over 8 years of experience in customer and employee experience management. Irina’s passion is creating value for stakeholders, ensuring every interaction is impactful. As a Customer Experience Specialist at Hiab, a global leader in on-road load handling solutions, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a fresh perspective.

At Hiab, Irina leads strategic planning and development in customer experience (CX). She drives data-driven decision making and action planning to enhance CX. Throughout her career, Irina has successfully launched and managed programs that significantly improved customer and employee experiences. Her collaboration with cross-functional teams, vendors, and senior leaders has driven positive change and innovation.

Irina is dedicated to her role and the broader CX and EX community. She actively seeks to learn new skills, share best practices, and contribute to collective knowledge. Her goal is to drive transformation and innovation in experience management, helping Hiab achieve its vision of being the top partner for smarter cargo handling.

Join us as we explore Irina’s journey, her insights on the evolving landscape of B2B CX and EX, and her vision for the future. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the field, this episode promises valuable takeaways to enhance your experience management strategies. Don’t miss this engaging and informative conversation on the ECXO podcast.

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