Series 4, Episode 4

Inside your customer’s imagination with Chip Bell

We speak with industry heavyweight, Chip Bell on the importance of collaborating with your customers to arrive at breakthrough product, services and experiences.

CX global specialist, Christopher Brooks speaks with world renowned speaker on CX, Chip Bell about the value exchange delivered by including your customers in the development of improvements process. Chip shares his wealth of experience both in terms of the value in better serving customers’ needs as well as deepening their customers commitment to a company because of the collaboration activity.

Chip unpacks ‘eccentric listening’ and other techniques aligned to the 5 ideas presented in his book. With real world and business case examples the conversation builds on the importance of building trust, respect and a safe environment for customers to ‘open up the door from the inside’ and share their ideas to help companies grow’.

Whether you are a corporate or an SME, in insight or activation, Chip explains the value and importance of getting more from your customers than just their transactions.

Chips book is available now via Amazon and other bookstores

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