Series 6, Episode 4

Meet the CX goalkeeper, Gregorio Uglioni

Christopher Brooks’ CX Superheroes explores the traits, techniques and tools the modern day CX professional needs in order to deliver meaningful value to their customers. In this episode we meet up with Gregorio Uglioni, an emerging star of the European CX landscape. As a CX leader within a payments company, Gregorio has the advantage on most influencers in the sector – he’s practicing what he’s preaching.

Known as the ‘CX Goalkeeper’ (we still dont know why), an active member of the CX community, he has carved a space of his own finding opportunity to contribute back where he can. Whether its with his new podcast series, content listings in the form of an advent calendar, a contributor to the forthcoming CX Book 3 or as a player in the customer experience world games, he gives back whenever he can.

In this episode, Christopher Brooks, catches up with Gregorio to discuss the ‘VIM’ model for CX strategy activation, the importance of differentiated CX and how important it is to set up the purpose of the customer service proposition. This is the final episode in series 6 and closes the series on a real high!

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