Series 6, Episode 1

Micro CX moments and so much more with Jeannie Waters

Christopher Brooks’ CX Superhero podcast series features those superpowers needed to be a leader in the world of CX today. In this episode we catch up with Jeannie Walters who poses as many of those super powers as anyone in CX. Global CX consultant and mentor, Christopher Brooks discusses an array of customer-centric topics with Jeannie. They exchange ideas on customer strategy, leadership and programme design. Christopher reveals how the early work of Jeannie has influenced his thinking on various topics today.

Plus, Jeannie demonstrates the true spirit of those in the CX community by sharing her experience with others in the form of usable templates and techniques via the initiative launched to help others during the pandemic.

Jeannie is a rare breed among influencers in CX. Her focus is on the opportunity and potential others can achieve from CX, rather than the pitfall that befalls so many who build a narrative around their individual brand. With CX as the hero in her story, the message and the means are more authentic and memorable. Listen and you will see why so many connect with Jeannie’s approach to CX.

What starts as a interview becomes a masterclass in how to take your organisation to the next level by applying sound, resilient and sustainable CX practices.

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