Sophie Hedestad CX Superheroes Podcast
Series 12, Episode 3

OKRs in CX Management with Sophie Hedestad

In the latest episode of the CX Superheroes, Christopher Brooks, host and MD of Lexden CX speaks with Sophie Hedestad, founder of NOQX.

We came across Sophie in an article on the power of OKRs in customer experience, and wanted to learn more. In this episode we get to understand what OKR (Objective and Key Results) are, and why they are becoming more important than KPIs for progressive companies to manage performance.

Sophie shares the value of OKRs, and explains how they can help organisations meaningfully track progress and localise where more attention is needed.  In discussion, we understand how organisation and structure are needed to optimise OKR’s and Sophie introduces us to a technology solution which NOQX have been developing t simplify the management within large (and smaller) organisations.

Is this podcast for you?
If you’ve not heard of OKR’s this podcast is for you.
If you’ve heard of OKR’s but are still wondering if they are right for your business, this podcast is for you.   
If you are using OKR’s and want to understand how to systemise the management, this podcast is for you. 
In fact, anyone will get value so take a listen.

You can access her e-book ‘How you Succeed with OKRs” here:

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