By designing a new set of customer directed standards we embedded a consistent approach to differentiated delivery

The challenge

Reviewing the satisfaction surveys from students it was clear there were mixed experiences for accommodation students at UCL. With a world-class reputation for academia, this needed to be addressed.  

The Solution

Working with the senior leadership team, we structured a three-tier student experience programme to address operational inadequacies impacting the student experience, improving experiences which were valued but inconsistent and identifying new opportunities worthy of a world-class institution. This involved reviewing the needs and experiences of students at university to identify the role accommodation played, their expectations and areas which impacted areas such as their wellbeing and ability to study to their potential. We engaged hundreds of students and colleagues within UCL and identified the key behavioural drivers of a world class UCL student accommodation experience. The tiered programme helped to prioritise investment for experience improvements. These student principles created a framework against to guide the design of improvements

The results

UCL won the CUBO award for student experience and saw marked improvements across a range of priority areas. UCL has increased its standing in the satisfaction rankings and student experience engagement research is now a recognised insight programme informing operational and marketing strategies.

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