CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE                                    STRATEGY & SERVICE DESIGN 


Are you looking to improve the performance of any area of your customer experience? If so, Lexden is the partner with the experience of helping clients across all areas of customer experience to deliver improvements. 






We provide Customer Experience consultancy advice, mentoring, recommendations, training, hands on support. Services include: CX Strategy. Programme set-up. Voice of the Customer feedback platform sourcing and solutions. Behaviour based CX Measurement. Customer Journey Mapping. Employee Experience

We are proud to work with customer-led thinking clients:


  • Customer Experience Management

  • Customer Experience Design & Development

  • Customer Experience Activtation

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Success means connecting with customers in a meaningful and memorable way. To achieve this takes customer-led thinking

Though our proven CX programmes, we prioritise activities to increase customer experience performance to improve the bottom line.

  • What Matters Most
  • Where & When it Matters
  • How it’s Distinctive
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Better outcomes for customers mean better results for your business.

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